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Over the years, I have managed to design the user interfaces of various websites, interactives & a few mobile apps as well lead the front-end development for most of those projects. Discover the thought processes throughout the whole development from start to finish.

Islamic Tourism Centre

Front-End Development, Responsive Design, UI Design, Wordpress

Islamic Tourism Centre | http://itc.gov.my/

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Legasi: Aizat Amdan

Front-End Development, Responsive Design, UI Design

Kasi Gegar Entertainment | http://legasi.kge.com.my/

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Handpicked Featured Projects.

Here are some of my finest handcrafted masterpieces, spanning over 7 years of full time work as well as freelancing. It may range from a simple design practice or UI to a full fledged website and even an interactive piece.

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Head over to my dribbble page for a more in updated and in depth look on the latest projects I am working on. Feel free to connect with me through the other social media outlets available below. I would to connect with like minded people.